Friday 12 October – TELL ME MORE – International Storytelling

Hey listen! Theater de Generator starts a series of storytelling evenings with stories you´ve never heard before. Stories that you will not easily hear on any other stages in Leiden. In a homely atmosphere, a safe place to unwind, unveil and genuinely connect with one another. Welcome to TELL ME MORE where true listening is the key.

Tell me more
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Interview: 15 minutes with Larysa Bauge

I wanted to do an experiment. I wanted to meet her for 15 minutes only. To do an interview like in a pressure cooker. Very quick, yet full of sense and meaning. I am sure this is possible. But you do not want to meet Larysa Bauge for 15 minutes only. You do not want to write about her in oneliners. That would do no right to who she is, to what she does and to what she has to tell us. There is too much coming from one single sentence. Talking with her makes you want to explore a myriad of things with her. And today she has time to do so. “Interview: 15 minutes with Larysa Bauge” verder lezen