18 maart 19.30u – Poetic commemoration of Iranian New Year / Nowruz

Rebirth of the feminine voice

Commemorate Nowruz / Iranian New Year with us and with our host for this special event, Delaram Hosseinioun.
Delaram is a Leiden based Iranian writer and artist. The evening will be all about feminist Iranian poet Forough Farroukhzad. Her poems will be read to rejoice in women’s rights and empowerment through arts. With the situation in Iran at the moment we cannot speak of celebrating Nowruz, so with Forough Farroukhzad in our hearts we say that we will commemorate this New Year, including the seven elements belonging to this special festivity.

Forough Farroukhzad
Forough Farrouzad (1934-1967) is one of the frontiers of feminist poetry in Iran. She was the first Persian female poet who wrote candidly about womanhood, sexuality and sensuality. It is even prohibited to visit her grave, her grave is fenced and chained. And so tonight we are her voice because as she put it “It Is Only The Voice That Remains”.